What is an IKOOM multi-function kiosk?


An IKOOM multi-function kiosk is a prefabricated structure, fully equipped in order to allow the provision and marketing of products and services to the populations of the zonas in which it is located.

The IKOOM kiosk network will eventually grow until hundreds of units throughout the national territory, in the suburbs, in the central villages and in certain urban areas.

The concept is developed by NUMHERIT, a Senegalese company specializing in the development of digital solutions, e-money – cloud – services.

NUMHERIT’s NServices subsidiary is responsible for implementing and overseeing the IKooM kiosk network across the country.

NUMHERIT S.A is a web and mobile application development company located in Dakar – Senegal, specialized in Distributed Information Systems (SID), cloud computing, multimedia communication and electronic banking. From network architecture to application layer development, we offer state-of-the-art expertise in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Composed of design engineers, developers, graphic designers, illustrators, and marketing specialists.

Visit our website  www.numhertit.com.