“IkooM a point for EVERYTHING”

Deliver in a dedicated space, the possibility to access internet & dozens of other utilitarian services for the public to be effectively part of the financial inclusion for populations with limited resources and non access to banks.

Allow payment services and nearby exchanges in urban zones as well as semi urban and rural. Unify in one location multiple services

Product Sales money transfer

ATM & Banking services

Scholarships & Salaries

Payment of school fees

Bill Payement: water, Electricity, phone bills

JULA card Sales Smartphone

Top Up Servicess

Transfert d'argent

Pay TV

Buy and Recharge VISA card

Access to services

The multifunction e-kiosks will be located in the privileged places for the public to access online government services, proximity payments and transfers services; to unroll strategies related to education, public health, agriculture, financial inclusion and improvement of economic exchanges overall.

Financial inclusion

Conditions for access to demographic resources for financial services to businesses and enterprises.

Job creation and the fight against the digital divide

The multifunction e-kiosks allows in a short period of time, to create skilled self employed jobs with a remarkable contribution in the fight against the digital divide,through service offerings tailored to the real needs of the populations.

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